· One of the largest automotive service centers in the Middle East. Chevrolet first opened its doors back in 1911. Since then, it has grown in both size and stature to become one of the world’s leading automotive brands. As it has grown, so too have its service centers, which are now among the finest and most technologically advanced in the world.

· 24/7 roadside service. No matter where you are, no matter how big or small the problem, with Chevrolet Care you can rest assured that our experienced roadside assistance crews will be there as quickly as possible to get you and your Chevrolet back on your way.

· Experienced and professional staff with the highest levels of certification. At Chevrolet, we know that you deserve nothing but the best. That's why we scour the globe in search of the most qualified and experienced automotive technicians to work on your car.

· One-stop shop for all your service needs. From oil changes and engine overhauls to tiny scratches and just a good old clean, Chevrolet Care does it all. No matter what you need or want to be done on your Chevrolet, we can do it.

· We only use Gulf-tested, genuine General Motors parts. For all the amazing perks, conditions in the Middle East can be tough on your car. Which is why all Chevrolet vehicles are rigorously tested in the harshest conditions until we are completely satisfied that they are up to the challenge of Gulf driving.

· A clear service schedule with no hidden costs. We have worked hard to make Chevrolet a brand you can trust. We want you to feel secure and content with your car and every interaction you have with us. We stand behind the fact that, when it comes to our clearly laid out service schedules, there will be no charge other than the one laid out before you. (CLICK HERE FOR VEHICLE SERVICE COSTS BREAKDOWN) What’s more, you’ll find that if you compare these costs with any other car brand in the Middle East, every one of them is by far the most affordable.

· A 36-month/100,000km warranty on all vehicles. Because we only use the best materials and work with the most highly trained and experienced people, every Chevrolet is built to last. All vehicles receive a standard 36-month or 100,000km warranty, which can easily be extended to cover your Chevrolet throughout its life.

· A convenient customer-booking system to shorten all your waiting times. We hate queues and waiting as much as anyone. That's why we took a long hard look at our vehicle service booking system and manage to streamline it to reach maximum efficiency with the highest standards of customer service. This means that you’ll get your Chevrolet in and out quicker than ever before.

· Same day service delivery on all vehicles. We know how important your Chevrolet is to you and how being apart from it too long can cause all sorts of problems. We therefore offer same day service delivery on all Chevrolets. Simply drop it off in the morning on your way to work and it will be ready for you to collect on your way home.